One of the UK’s leading suppliers of bulk aggregates, John Owen (Aggregates), attended the Tip-Ex Tank-Ex exhibition alongside Scania to showcase their latest fleet.

The exhibition has become a must-attend event for businesses and consumers involved in the tipper and bulk transport sectors.

Nine truck manufactures attended the event, two of which (Scania and Harsh (UK) Ltd) showcased their latest delivery of trucks commissioned by John Owen (Aggregates).
Harsh (UK) Ltd was picking up attention as they had also had one of John Owen’s newly commissioned Scania trucks on display outside the exhibition entrance.

On display at the event, which took place at the Harrogate Convention Centre between 30 May and 1 June, was one of 14 Scania P370 B8x4 from John Owen (Aggregates)’s most recent delivery.

The introduction of the updated fleet complements the Aggregates Supplier’s determination to reduce its impact on the environment, one of their main focuses this year to mark the business’ 55-year milestone.

The new Euro 6 trucks boast much-improved fuel economy and reduced oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) emissions, all while the 13 Litre six-cylinder engine still produces 370bhp thanks to the addition of AdBlue.

The event also focused on safety and new technologies, hosting seminars across the event period in which all manners of driver safety, machinery and fuel-saving innovations were discussed.

John Owen (Aggregates) supplies a variety of aggregates as well as offering a bulk haulage and waste carrier service. To learn more about this service, visit the bulk haulage and waste carrier services section, here.

John Owen Aggregates - Tip Ex Show 1 John Owen Aggregates - Tip Ex Show 2



John Owen (Aggregates), a major supplier of bulk aggregates in the UK, was seen attending The Lincolnshire Show in celebration of its 55th anniversary. 

The national aggregates supplier showcased their new fleet at the show, 14 state of the art tipper trucks from Scania.

Leon Gull, Director at John Owen (Aggregates), commented on their attendance: “The team had a great day at the event, enjoying the mix of food, music, entertainment and exhibitions. 

“We were thrilled to be invited to join the Scania stand.

“In celebration of our 55th year in business, we have ordered 14 Scania P370 B8x4 tipper trucks. Our updated fleet has allowed us to increase the capacity of our trucks and reduce emissions.

“Attending The Lincolnshire Show allowed us to connect with more people as well as showcase our new trucks.

“They are one of the many investments we will be making this year to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the environment.” 

This year’s Show was truly a celebration of milestones, with the Show itself celebrating its 150th year supporting the area’s agricultural community, whilst also marking its 60th consecutive year of being held at The Lincolnshire Showground. 

In 2018, the Show brought in £3.5 million to the county with a staggering attendance of approximately 60,000 people. 

From decorative to agricultural, John Owen (Aggregates) supplies a wide range of aggregates for various applications. Learn more about the ever-growing range of products by visiting the products page here. Alternatively, you can get in touch using the contact page, here.